How to subscribe
for more users

Only users with User Admin capability in MyOffice are permitted to subscribe for more users.

To subscribe for additional users click the 'My Account' link on the menu bar at the top of any page on the MyOffice website.

Log on as a user with User Admin capability and then press the 'Add Users' button. Follow the instructions to subscribe for additional users.

At the end of the process you'll see a link to print out your invoice.

Once you've subscribed for the additional user(s) you'll need to exit and restart MyOffice on the PC or log off and on again in the Web App to make it recognise the new user limit.

Once logged back in, click Tools > User Admin to add users. If they need calendars, click Tools > Calendar Admin.


I am a huge fan. It's simple to use and incredibly cost effective. As a UK based company it is refreshingly free from jargon.

Jane Dixon Director, Dot the i