Business focused cloud storage

myoffice cloud storage is perfect for businesses with remote workers and for those not tied to one location. Our fully featured solution allows you to link files with events, tasks, notes or contacts, handy if you need a particular document for a meeting for instance.

File Check

Check out your files

Lock files from editing by other users by checking out your files. Once you've finished, a simple click will allow you to check the file back in. So no annoying conflicting copies - and no confusion.

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Secure backup facilities

Use myoffice as a Backup Server. Our 'Upload Changes' feature will check which of your mapped documents have been amended and upload the changes. It's a fast and simple way to back up your files.

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We no longer have to phone between offices to synchronise calendars and we can share sound files online. The software is highly stable, frequently improved and cost effective. Great product, that I cannot recommend highly enough.

Graham Walker Solicitor
Road Traffic Law