Business email perfected

myoffice is loaded with powerful features designed for business and professional use. With no limit to the number of email accounts you can set up, you can use myoffice to consolidate all your emails in one place.

Secure Email

No Ads, Secure & Private

Don't be pestered with advertisements or social media intrusions. Our email solution is totally secure, with full encryption, meaning you won't inadvertently share your emails with the public.

The privacy and security of your emails are paramount to us and you can be sure that your emails are safe with myoffice.

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Share between colleagues

Share between colleagues

MyOffice enables you to share emails with your colleagues by the use of Shared Email Folders. There’s no copying or forwarding involved … the actual email is stored in the Shared Folder.

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Integrated CRM Features

Integrated CRM Features

myoffice can automatically log emails sent and received by you (and your colleagues) against contacts that you’ve created in the CRM.

By viewing a contact, you can see all email correspondence that you and your colleagues have had with the contact.

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We were looking for an alternative to Outlook and Exchange, and found MyOffice - I would thoroughly recommend it. It is an excellent product, and best of all, it just works.

Jeff Nurse Aerofoil Design
& Management Ltd