Task management, check!

Enhance your team's ability to keep track of tasks and meet project deadlines. Collaborate with other users on a project or simply delegate tasks to your team. Set up task lists for individuals or projects or anything that needs doing.


Highly customisable

MyOffice = your office. Everyone's requirements are different so you'll probably want to customise your tasks by configuring your own 'Custom' fields. This feature lets you add your own fields to the Task window and view them in the List views.

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Share between colleagues

Share between colleagues

MyOffice enables you to manage projects with your colleagues by storing everything in the cloud. There’s no copying or forwarding involved and you have full control over who sees what.

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I've tried the rest, but this clever piece of software has given me the tools to offer an efficient and cost-effective service, wherever I am.

Lynn Rodgers PA4today