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Features that make MyOffice one of the best shared calendar systems for your business include the ability to add your own custom fields, event templates, configurable reminders, an offline capability, a full audit trail and event / contact / document linking - all enabling you to configure MyOffice to your own requirements.

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Calendars for teams

MyOffice excels at sharing large numbers of calendars. There's no limit to the number of calendars you can share and you can control the user access permissions for each one. MyOffice efficiently handles large amounts of data. No need to worry about performance. Each user can configure their own personal view of calendars, for example am/pm or 24 hr clock, time divisions, and font size.

Calendar Event Templates

Not all events are the same. You'll probably have different types of bookings with different colours, text, durations, custom fields and reminders. Each template can have multiple reminders, sent by email or text ... and you can configure a unique reminder text for each of the reminders. The text is composed using a mixture of words and system fields (eg First Name), enabling you to personalise each reminder.

Work Online or Offline with our calendar planner app

We understand how crucial it is for businesses to carry on working when there's a problem with the internet ... and that's why we developed an 'Offline' capability with our shared calendar app. When using the MyOffice installed online calendar app (Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android) you can work in 'Offline' mode when there's no internet connection. Any work you do in 'Offline' mode is stored on your device and automatically updated to the MyOffice Cloud the next time you connect to your journal online.

Full Audit Trail for Calendars and Events

Another good reason why we feel our shared online calendar is one of the best on the market is every time any user adds, changes or deletes an event the transaction is automatically logged in the audit trail. Subsequently, users with 'audit trail' capability can look at the audit trail and see a complete list of transactions. The transaction shows the before and after status of all fields, so if you've inadvertantly deleted an event you can re-construct it, or if an event has suddenly disappeared you can find out who deleted it.

Secure Calendars

Secure Private and Confidential

Secure - All data transmission is encrypted.
Private - Your data can't be accessed by other apps
Confidential - It's your data

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Easy to learn

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