Cloud App for Business

Share Calendars, Contacts, Emails, Files, Tasks and Notes
Business class Apps on Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android

Cloud App for Business

Share Calendars, Contacts, Emails, Files, Tasks and Notes

Work together using the Cloud

MyOffice is a subscription based 'cloud' service that's been designed around the unique needs of the smaller business.

It combines calendars, contacts, email, tasks, file store, reminders and notes into a set of online collaboration tools to help your team work together more effectively, and it's all intuitive - so there's no big learning curve.

All your data lives in one place, on our servers, and you access it over the internet using a variety of devices. e.g. PC, Mac, tablet, mobile. Using MyOffice you can log on and work from anywhere.

No capital investment or technical expertise is required on your part. We take care of all operational aspects including security, round-the-clock support, software upgrades, server administration, and data backup ... leaving you with more time to concentrate on the important things - like running your business. Plus you can easily scale your cloud usage up and down as your business demands change.

Designed for Business

High on the requirements list when it comes to business apps is probably the security and integrity of your data. With MyOffice all your data is stored securely on our servers located at NewNet Plc in the UK, and we go to great lengths to ensure that the privacy and integrity of your data is never compromised ... plus you won't find adverts anywhere in our apps.

Every business is different and MyOffice allows you to add your own data fields to customise the apps to your particular needs. That, coupled with features such as an 'Offline' capability, a comprehensive audit trail and true multi-user access, and you have a robust system designed for professionals. Above all, it's intuitive and uncomplicated.

It's Your Data

It's your data and it can only be accessed by users in your account. It's impossible to unintentionally share your data with the public

We don't profile your account, send you adverts or pass your information to third parties.


Working from different locations, using different devices - you can connect to MyOffice anywhere with an internet connection.

Keep in touch with Windows, Web, Mac, iPhone and Android apps.


Isn’t it satisfying when you can have things just the way you like them? Well the good news is that with MyOffice, there is ample opportunity to make it your own.

Customisation is one of the most championed benefits of MyOffice. We’ve worked hard to make many of its features flexible so you can adapt them to suit your own needs and preferences.

The actual process of customising features is so simple too. There’s certainly no programmer-level knowledge required and it’s all just as intuitive as MyOffice itself.

For example, you can add your own data fields and build them into windows - enabling you to hold information relevant to your own particular needs. You can set up text fields, checkboxes, drop down lists, date fields and headings ... and you can control where they appear in windows.

You can also set up categories, configure views & lists, construct advanced searches, build templates and much more.

Work from anywhere
Add, edit and share Events, Contacts, Emails, Tasks and Files with your PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet. MyOffice installed Apps even work offline so you can continue working without an internet connection.
Full Audit Trail
A complete Audit Trail of all transactions is available, within the application, showing the 'Before' and 'After' status of transactions ... enabling you to see 'at a glance' who did what and when
Business Class Email
Use your existing email accounts and store all your emails, with no limits. With MyOffice Email Folders you can share emails with your team.
Why MyOffice?
  • Your subscription includes a Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android and Web Browser Apps all for one price
  • In all but the Web Browser App you can use MyOffice in 'Offline' mode when you can't connect to the internet
  • You can customise the application by adding your own 'user defined fields'
  • There's no limit to how much Calendar, Contact, Email, Task and Note data can store
  • You can install the Apps on as many Desktops, Devices as you like.
  • It's multi-user... records are locked so you can't over-write others work.
  • There'a a full audit trail, you can see what, when and who added, updated or deleted records.
  • SUPPORT IS FREE. If you have technical problems or you want help configuring MyOffice, just call or email us.

We have one price - and it includes everything. There are no extra charges for the functionality that you use and there are no charges for the amount of data you hold.

Our subscriptions are based solely on the number of users that you have and there are generous discounts for multiple users.

As a tool to get your business running, MyOffice represents exceptional value for money.

Customer Service

Our Testimonials speak for themselves - many refer to exceptional customer service. We want satisfied customers who refer MyOffice on to others.

Unlike many 'Cloud' platforms, you can actually talk to us. We're happy to guide you through the features that are relevant to your business and help you customise the system to meet your requirements.

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