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What our customers say about us

Jane Dixon, Director, dot the i

"I will admit that I am a huge fan. It's simple to use and incredibly cost effective. And as a UK based company it is refreshingly free from jargon."

Martin Astley, Astliz Estate Agents

"Thank you very much for the excellent service once again."

Treesa Mathew, Marketing Coordinator, Sedeer Media

"MyOffice is a great tool for effective CRM functionality and not just another email system. The contacts database is easy to use and gives a complete review. I love the fact that I can use it from anywhere."

Clive Howick, L&C Installations Ltd.

"Superb service as always."

Steve Naylor, Milton Keynes Citizens Advice Bureau

"I introduced this to our bureau several years ago, so that we had online calendars that people could access. Despite some initial resistance, its introduction was a real success and all staff now use the calendar as a matter of course.

It has also been useful in terms of transparency. Everyone can check peoples calendars (including mine) and see what they have been up to.

One welcome addition that I find extremely useful is the smartphone app. I have an android smartphone (Nexus 4) and find the MyOffice app invaluable for when I need to check my calendar during meetings."

David Morris, Star21 Ltd

"I have to say I'm seriously impressed with what you've achieved with the new HTML5 interface - it's really, really good!

The older web browser version was functionally fine, but it did look like what it was. However this new version has taken things to a whole new place, and from what I saw this morning you'd need to look twice to see whether you were using it or the Windows Client version. Please pass on congratulations to your development team - from where I sit this is really a nice piece of work"

Trudie Edwards, Clearance Solutions Ltd

"I have to say I am incredibly impressed with how quickly you got back to me, quite possibly the best customer service experience ever!"

Angus Archer, Smart Motorsport Ltd

"Thanks so much for a lightning response. Your service is second to none."

Martin Astley, Groupama Insurance

"I just felt the urge to write to you and tell you how happy we are using myoffice .net. We have been using it for about 6 months now and think the world of it. It makes our work much easier to manage."

Kimberly Lowe, Birthing in Korea

"Since we have been using MyOffice, we have been so happy with the platform it provides. We love the calendar, contacts, tasks, email and file store modules. We've done a lot of our own customising and it has been a really good system for our business.

Everyone loves it!"

Stuart Livingstone, UK Map Centre Ltd

"I have to say that after trying several remote hosted applications before MyOffice, your solution is far superior... well done"

Kevin Parker, First Baptist Aztec

"I love the revisions to the Android version. It's quite featured and continues the elegant look and interface. Great job. The whole system is a huge value for the cost. The returns are enormous. It really enhances our productivity and information flow"

Jeff Nurse, Aerofoil Design and Management Ltd

"We were looking for an alternative to Outlook and Exchange, and found MyOffice - I would thoroughly recommend it. It is an excellent product, and best of all, it just works!!

Downloaded the iPhone update with the email addition - great job. Certainly adds a lot of functionality"

Brad Harrold, East Coast Water Pty Ltd

"Just a quick note to let you know what a great easy system to use with no unnecessary add ons.

It is refreshing working with a company that replies promptly to enquiries and on top of that responds with helpful information."

Lee Davies, Engineering Direct Limited

"Thanks for probably the best customer support that I have experienced"

Clive England, The Contact Grill Company

"I'm delighted with 'MyOffice', it does everything I was looking for in an online contact management system"

Tim Couper, Husson UK

"the iPhone app is fantastic!"

Graham Pryke, GP4PC

"Thanks for all your help, a truly excellent support service!"

Terry Shand, Jim's Bookkeeping Gold Coast

"It is a pleasure to be using MyOffice. Getting rid of ACT and Outlook I thought would never happen ... then to find this software with a decent Iphone app is pure heaven."

Riyaz Raj, RRConsultancy

"I must say ... your customer service is first class!"

Dr Harjeev Rai, Clear Health Ltd

"I have been using myoffice for 6 months now and it is absolutely amazing. It has changed my life as a private GP who runs clinics in several private hospitals. My PA is able to login and set my calendar and I can access this anywhere and at any time. This has streamlined my business and actually made my time more efficient. This software is an absolute must in the hectic business enviroment."

Jason Freeman, Top Gear (Bridport) Limited

"I've been using MyOffice on the pc for a few years now and find it brilliant and really well priced. Having the iPhone app as well has completed the whole product. It's essential in running my business. My advice is to get the app, try the free windows version for 30 days and then subscribe. Well worth the money!"

Leslie Beeson, Tenerife Property Shop S.L.

"Various offices, sales staff that never keep still, administrators that hot-desk, staff travelling in different countries and all with the need to share and collaborate with files, emails, and calendars. Without MyOffice we wouldn't have a clue what's happening. No expensive IT people required to configure and set it up. A support department that actually does what they say and solves problems. No expensive maintenance to pay for ..... you have 30+ happy users in Tenerife. We've used MyOffice for two years and we won't be changing."

Geraldine Rabone, Satellite Sec

"As a new business start-up I needed to offer my clients a secure, fast calendar and file store option. My clients are busy consultants and NHS Managers who don't have the time to get involved with long winded, difficult applications. MyOffice suits their needs perfectly and I would definitely be lost without it"

Gary Felty, Van Belkum & Felty, PC

"In one week, our calendar, calendar and task system have achieved at least a 500% improvement in efficiency because we have totally dispensed with Outlook and PracticeMaster and relied solely upon MyOffice. We can all view appointments from our home computers and know 100% of the time where we are supposed to be. Your staff have been excellent and any problems that we have had have been our own ... which your staff assisted us in correcting in minutes. You probably haven't noticed that we have added another user in less than a week and I expect that we will be adding another next week, making all our essential staff "users". I estimate that we will still be paying only 50% of what we did on an annual basis to have our part-time computer technician come out and resolve problems that were frequently Outlook generated. I would recommend your system to anyone."

Shena Corrado, Angelo Corrado Homes, Inc.

"MyOffice is quite the impressive software package. I hardly ever have problems completing calendar entries, sending email, creating task lists, etc. It offers everything our small business could possibly desire from a communication and scheduling program. In the unlikely event that I require support for a problem, the MyOffice staff immediately responds to my email and sticks with the problem until a solution can be reached. They are an extremely efficient support team and the devotion to their customers is comforting. A great product and highly recommended."

Tim Holland, PC Callout Limited

"Having used MyOffice for over 2 years, we can thoroughly recommend the application. We tried various online calendar solutions but found MyOffice to be 'head and shoulders' above the rest. It easily covers its cost in terms of the double bookings that it prevents. Support requests are always handled very promptly and any difficulties we have encountered have always been resolved quickly and efficiently. All in all, a first class product"

Ellen Kaye, Schooner Woodwind Cruises

"I spent months searching for the perfect scheduling software to replace Outlook which would incorporate multiple users from several small businesses which are partnered in many locations. MyOffice does the job and has made collaboration so much easier. Every day we find a new use for MyOffice as we become used to depending on it for day-to-day operations. We don't know how we lived without it. The support is outstanding with instant email replies and even a phone call from England."

James Dobson, Managing Director, GlobalWebStore

"From the moment I started using myoffice I knew I had found one of those special little gems - fantastic product guys...!"

Kristin Stewart, JD, PHD, Ark Ethics

"MyOffice.net is intuitive, effective, efficient and robust - we absolutely love it!"

Proteus Consultancy

"One director said "If I could have specified what I wanted, then what would have been produced would have been MyOffice ...." which I think you should take as total confirmation that you've hit it spot on!"

Warren Massey, VP Technology, RANA-Medical

"Excellent product, with top-notch support and responsiveness to our needs. MyOffice has become a business critical tool for us."

Lynn Rodgers, PA4today

"As a Virtual Assistant, working for several clients and managing several calendars at one time, MyOffice has been an absolute life-saver! I've tried the rest, but this clever piece of software has given me the tools to offer an efficient and cost-effective service, wherever I am. Being able to access my emails from anywhere in the world is bliss. And the support team are A1."

Mike Hart, Director of Development, Keys to Living

"We use MyOffice to schedule clients for the seven therapists in our agency as well as our personal calendars. It is accessible from all three of our offices as well as our home offices. It has been a fantastic tool for bringing us all together. In the rare event that we require technical support, the MyOffice support staff is friendly, helpful and very responsive. We highly recommend MyOffice."

Graham Walker, Solicitor, Road Traffic Law

"MyOffice has saved us hundreds, if not thousands of pounds over the past couple of years. We no longer have to phone between offices to synchronise calendars and we can share sound files online to distribute the typing between the offices. The software is highly stable, frequently improved and cost effective. Great product, that I cannot recommend highly enough."

Inclusive Technology Ltd

"The best multiple-user online calendar we found. The clarity and ease-of-use is great. All our staff enjoy using it."


"Fantastic software that works the way we do"

DesignDock Multimedia Ltd

"We are seriously impressed with this software - we use reminders all the time for customer follow-up"

Hal Segal, President, Salsa Cruise

"Exceptionally easy to use for multiple users from different locations. Highly recommended. "

Mentecaptus Ltd

"Easily accessed from main office and home offices, very useful for keeping everyone aware of our busy site visit schedule"

Susannah Brady, OFFLOAD Business Resources

"Smashing, thank you for your help this morning. Love MyOffice."