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MyOffice Subscriptions

£7* per user per month

£7* per user per month

$9 USD, €8 EUR, $12 CAD, $12 AUD **
One simple price that includes everything


MyOffice is a subscription based service.

You pay one simple price that includes everything. (Calendars, Contacts, Email, Tasks, Files Store, Notes, Reminders)

Prices Per User

Monthly automatic subscription - £7 per month*

Annual subscription - £54* (equivalent to £4.50* per month)

6 month subscription - £30* (equivalent to £5* per month)

3 month subscription - £18* (equivalent to £6* per month)

To work out the exact cost use our Subscription Calculator

What you get

Unlimited installations of MyOffice - on as many devices as you like

Use of ALL platforms (Windows, Mac, Web Browser, iPhone, Android)

Use of ALL the features (Calendars, Contacts, Email, Tasks, Reminders, File Store, Notes)

NO LIMIT to the amount of data you can hold for calendars, contacts, emails, email attachments, tasks & notes. The File Store has capacity limits. See Additional File Store Capacity below.

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Subscription Calculator
Enter the number of users required and the subscription period and the cost will be shown below
Number of users
Subscription Period
Cost with VAT
Percent discount


1 - 9 users 0%
10 - 19 users 5%
20 - 29 users 10%
30 - 39 users 15%
40 - 49 users 20%
50 - 59 users 25%
more than 60 users 30%

Adding more users

You can subscribe for additional users at any time. The subscriptions for additional users are on a pro-rata basis up to your annual renewal date. So, if you add another user in 6 month's time, you'll only pay half the subscription in the current year.

Additional File Store Capacity (File Store module only)

Each account comes with 2GB of FREE file storage plus 250MB for every user. e.g. An account with 4 users would have 3GB storage. The storage can be used by any user in the account.
Extra file store capacity can be purchased for £25* per 1GB per year.

Cancelling Subscriptions

Monthly subscriptions can be cancelled at any time by clicking 'Cancel Subscription' in My Account.
Subscriptions for 3, 6 & 12 months will automatically end if the subscription is not renewed.
* All prices exclude VAT unless explicitly stated.
** Billed in UK Pounds - Currency Conversion done by Credit Card Provider.