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File Store

Cloud Storage and File Sharing
Use MyOffice to share files with your colleagues

File Store

Cloud Storage and File Sharing

Share Files

Your workforce have instant access to all the latest versions of files. It's perfect for businesses with remote workers and for those not tied to one location.

Organise files by 'mapping' entire folder tree structure on your hard drive to a MyOffice File Group.

Link Files

Link files in File Store to events, tasks, notes or contacts.

Useful if you need a particular document for a meeting for instance.

Check In / Out

If you'd rather other users couldn't access a document while you work on it, you can 'check it out'. Other users attempting to access it will be notified that it's locked for editing. Once you've finished, a simple click will allow you to check the file back in. So no annoying conflicting copies - and no confusion.

Backup Files

Use MyOffice File Store as a Backup Server. Click 'Upload Changes' feature and File Store will check which of your mapped documents have been amended and upload only the changes. It's a fast simple way to back up your files and saves you doing a traditional physical back-up.

Previous Versions

MyOffice File Store allows you to retain a user-defined number of previous versions of a file. If you need a previous copy of a file you can easily restore the one you want.

Control Access

Access to MyOffice File Store is confined to users in your account. Control which File Groups MyOffice users can access.