Share Diaries and Calendars online

Sharing diaries online, viewing and updating them in real time - this is what MyOffice excels at. Getting the most out of your online diaries and using them to their full potential can make any business run more smoothly and efficiently, especially if you all work from different locations.

Multi-user online shared Diaries

Because MyOffice is a full multi-user system, multiple users can access the same shared diaries and appointments at the same time. Updates are immediate … so new appointments immediately become available to other users who are sharing the diary. Because we hold all of your diary information in a single, central location, there's no need to synchonise with other devices and applications.

Diary access permissions

You can configure the sharing permissions for each diary, specifying which users have 'read/write' access to a diary and which users have 'read only' access. This gives you control over which diaries a user can see and whether or not they can update them or simply view them.

Share as many online diaries as you like

There's no limit to the number of diaries and calendars you can set up and share with MyOffice, and there's no charge for diaries.

With no limit on the number of diaries and calendars you can create and share, you've got complete freedom with regard to how you use them. If you need a diary for each staff member, a booking diary for the vehicles in your fleet, or even for every meeting room in your building, you can create and share these within your account for no extra cost.

Because the diaries in MyOffice are online and updated immediately the system is ideal for customers with a central resource making bookings for other users e.g. engineers. The engineers can either log on online and check their diaries or automatic emails can be sent to them advising of the appointments.

Sharing Diaries via Diary Admin on Windows 10