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Share Contacts using Contact Groups

Sharing contacts with contact groups

Contact Groups

Contacts in MyOffice are organised within Contact Groups enabling you to set up groups that match the needs of your business. e.g. Clients, Suppliers.

You can have as many Contact Groups as you like and there's no limit on the number of contacts you can have within a group.

One of the groups is pre-defined (My Private Contacts). Any contacts that you add to this group can only be seen by you and cannot be shared with any other user.

Sharing Contact Groups

In order to share contacts with other users you control which users have access to the different Contact Groups. You can specify 'read only' or 'read/write' access to the groups. For example, if you don't give a user access to a specific Contact Group they won't see the Contact Group listed in their contact window and they won't even know it exists. A user with read/write access to a group will be able to add, edit and delete contacts within the group and a user with 'read only' access will only be able to view them.

Multi-User Access

Because MyOffice is a full multi-user system, several users can access the same contacts at the same time. Updates are immediate … so new or changed contacts immediately become available for other users to see or edit. A user editing a contact, locks the contact until the edit is complete and the change saved. The contact is then unlocked and becomes available for editing by other users.

Connect from any device

There are MyOffice apps for Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android devices plus a Web Browser interface.