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  • Windows version 9.0.0 Sub Release 20 12-02-2018 (12/02/2018)


    Repeating event performance improved.

  • Windows version 9.0.0 Sub Release 19 22-01-2018 (22/01/2018)

    Startup Performance

    Startup times significantly decreased for accounts with large amounts of links between contacts, events, tasks, and files.

  • Windows version 9.0.0 Sub Release 18 12-12-2017 (12/12/2017)


    Fixed bug which prevented some users from successfully starting MyOffice offline.

  • Windows version 9.0.0 Sub Release 17 29-11-2017 (30/11/2017)


    Removed the ability to show a users own password.

    Audit Trail

    Added audit event previews to the main audit trail window.

  • Windows version 9.0.0 Sub Release 16 27-11-2017 (27/11/2017)

    Calendars and Events

    The number of calendar events stored in the local cache can now be restricted by right clicking on the calendar tree and clicking "Sync Settings". This is to improve startup performance for larger accounts, or in low performance client environments.


    Updated code signing certificates.

  • Windows version 9.0.0 Sub Release 15 09-10-2017 (09/10/2017)

    Diaries and Appointments

    Diaries are now known as Calendars, Appointments are now known as Events.

  • Windows version 9.0.0 Sub Release 14 22-08-2017 (22/08/2017)


    MyOffice Windows Client updated to use .NET Framework 4.6.1

  • Windows version 9.0.0 Sub Release 12 02-06-2017 (02/06/2017)

    Contact Logging / Email

    Account wide email privacy with respect to emails logged against contacts can now be configured by users with the correct permissions.

  • Windows version 9.0.0 Sub Release 11 28-04-2017 (28/04/2017)


    Default browser now correctly opened by email links.

  • Windows version 9.0.0 Sub Release 10 21-04-2017 (21/04/2017)


    Cancelling email move dialog now correctly cancels operation..


    Detailed performance logging added.

  • Windows version 9.0.0 Sub Release 9 2017-03-29 (29/03/2017)


    Improved notification of account expiry.

    Added tutorials popup for new users.

  • Windows version 9.0.0 Sub Release 8 2017-02-08 (08/02/2017)


    Improved sorting performance of tasks list.

  • Windows version 9.0.0 Sub Release 7 2017-01-16 (16/01/2017)

    Display Templates

    Fixed bug preventing user defined fields for attached objects other than diary entries being displayed in tooltips.


    Additional durations added to the timing duration list.

  • Windows version 9.0.0 Sub Release 6 2016-12-20 (20/12/2016)


    Newly available version details are now shown on startup.

  • Windows version 9.0.0 Sub Release 5 2016-12-05 (05/12/2016)

    Diary Display Templates

    The fields shown on the diary display can now be configured from the 'Display' menu in the main diary window.


    Tooltips can now be shown for the diary, contacts, tasks, and notes. Tooltips can be set up from the 'Tools' menu in the corresponding main menu.

  • Windows version 9.0.0 Sub Release 4 2016-10-13 (14/10/2016)


    The links tab can now be moved to the main tab of appointments, contacts, tasks, and notes via the links context menu.


    Tutorials link added to Help menu and toolbar.

  • Windows version 9.0.0 Sub Release 3 2016-09-12 (12/09/2016)


    Behaviour of alpha seach buttons improved.

    Email addresses can be copied from a contact's email address list.


    Spam filter withdrawn.

  • Windows version 9.0.0 Sub Release 2 2016-07-19 (19/07/2016)


    64bit and 32bit versions of the Windows app now packaged in the same installer.

    MyOffice Windows app now uses .NET framework 4.

  • Windows version 9.0.0 subrelease 1 20-01-2016 (20/01/2016)


    Improved performance for accounts with large numbers of email folders.

    Fixed bug which was preventing some users from sending HTML mail.


    Long date reinstated for day view column headers where appropriate.

  • Windows version 9.0.0 original release 16-01-2016 (16/01/2016)


    Email cache operation significantly improved, resulting in faster start times after the initial caching, and considerably higher folder capacities.

    Server managed email accounts now send email via the user's SMTP server by default.

    Emails can now be flagged.

    User Defined Fields

    User Defined Fields added to Notes.

    User Defined Tabs can now be displayed on the main page of the owning object's editing dialog.


    Appointment Templates added, allowing for the rapid entry of standard types of appointment.

    Appointment Reminder Templates added, allowing for the automatic creation of reminders for appointments in a format defined by the user.

  • Windows version 8.0.0 Sub release 17 17-11-2013 (17/11/2014)


    HTML signature functionality restored.

  • Windows version 8.0.0 Sub release 16 24-06-2014 (24/06/2014)


    Fixed bug that could cause objects repeatedly opened and closed by the same user to prematurely unlock themselves.

  • Windows version 8.0.0 Sub release 15 12-06-2014 (12/06/2014)


    MyOffice now launches more rapidly for users with larger local caches.

    CSV Export

    Delimiter settings now working correctly.


    Audit trail now searchable.

    File Store

    Group mapping button in group details dialog now disabled for new groups.

  • Windows version 8.0.0 Sub release 14 09-06-2014 (09/06/2014)


    Improved editing of HTML mails.

  • Windows version 8.0.0 Sub release 13 21-05-2014 (21/05/2014)

    Spell Checker

    Spell checker improved for emails.


    Improved client logging

  • Windows version 8.0.0 Sub release 12 14-04-2014 (14/04/2014)


    Existing appointments can now be converted to repeating appointments.

  • Windows version 8.0.0 Sub release 11 27-03-2014 (24/09/2013)


    Day and Week view now show additional times on the left hand side if screen space permits.


    Note details dialog now remembers sizing.

  • Windows version 8.0.0 Sub release 10 24-09-2013 (24/09/2013)

    Diary Drag and Drop

    Dragging an appointment a very short distance in the day or week view now correctly leaves appointment at its original time.

  • Windows version 8.0.0 Sub release 9 18-01-2013 (18/01/2013)

    Advanced Search

    Advanced Search now opens correctly on PCs with 125% font scaling.

  • Windows version 8.0.0 Sub release 8 13-12-2012 (13/12/2012)


    Location added to diary search

  • Windows version 8.0.0 Sub release 7 27-11-2012 (27/11/2012)

    File Store

    Corrected refresh issue that caused files to appear as if in the wrong group on some accounts.

  • Windows version 8.0.0 Sub release 6 26-11-2012 (26/11/2012)


    Added facility to show more than one day's events in the Today window.


    Corrected sorting on dates with day names.

  • Windows version 8.0.0 Sub release 5 23-11-2012 (23/11/2012)

    File Store

    Fixed crash when attempting to upload changes to a File Group mapped to an empty folder.


    Added short day name with start or end date as custom column in search view.


    Logon dialog now resizes correctly for larger font sizes.


    Category assignment dialog now remembers sizing.


    Company Name now shown in contact details window title bar where appropriate.

  • Windows version 8.0.0 Sub release 4 16-11-2012 (16/11/2012)

    File Store

    Improved error handling during file data upload.

  • Windows version 8.0.0 Sub release 3 15-11-2012 (15/11/2012)

    File Store

    File Store no longer hangs on download when attempting to uncompress certain data.

  • Windows version 8.0.0 Sub release 2 09-11-2012 (09/11/2012)


    Sort order in the links tab tweaked.

    Appointment links now show appointment dates and times.

  • Windows version 8.0.0 Original Release 2012-09-11 (18/09/2012)

    File Store

    New File Store added.


    Notes now have a group structure and can be shared.


    Appointments, Contacts, Files, Tasks, and Notes can now be linked to each other.

    Data export and sync can now be restricted on a per-user basis via User Admin.

    Window scaling corrected for all font sizes


    Support for per-account signature added.

  • Windows version 7.0.0, Subrelease 12 20-12-11 (20/12/2011)


    Significant improvements to spell checker.

  • Windows version 7.0.0, Subrelease 11 13-12-11 (13/12/2011)

    CSV Import

    Fixed problem whereby MyOffice would crash when attempting to import contacts with categories with groups under certain circumstances

  • Windows version 7.0.0, Subrelease 10 08-12-11 (08/12/2011)

    Local Cache Stability

    Fixed problem whereby MyOffice would crash immediately on startup on PCs where an older version of the database libraries had been previously loaded by another piece of software.

  • Windows version 7.0.0, Subrelease 9 25-11-11 (25/11/2011)

    Contact Activities

    Improved performance and stability for accounts that make heavy use of contact activities.


    Improved selection of initial diary at startup for users with no default diary.

  • Windows version 7.0.0, Subrelease 8 16-06-11 (16/06/2011)

    HTML Emails

    Fixed bug that prevented signatures from being added to HTML mails.

    Fixed bug that caused HTML mail default fonts to function incorrectly for certain signatures.

    Fixed bug that caused focus to not move to "To" field when creating a new HTML mail with a signature.

    Cache Loading

    Improved cache load times at startup for accounts with large numbers of user defined fields.


    Improved layout of Audit trail dialog.

    Repeating Appointments

    Changed default option when deleting repeating appointments to "Delete This".

  • Windows version 7.0.0, Subrelease 7 27-05-11 (27/05/2011)


    Fixed bug that was causing issues when sending HTML mails for some users with IE9 installed

  • Windows version 7.0.0, Subrelease 6 08-03-11 (08/03/2011)


    Fixed bug that was preventing appointment reminders from being removed when the "Send Reminder" checkbox was unchecked a certain accounts.

  • Windows version 7.0.0, Subrelease 5 25-02-11 (25/02/2011)

    Advanced Search

    Solved bug involving the inversion of the "Search All X" / "Search Selected X" option


    Email editing now compatible with IE9 beta


    Emails can now be sent to CC and BCC only recipients

  • Windows version 7.0.0, Subrelease 4 26-11-10 (26/11/2010)


    Complete redesign of Notes interface.

  • Windows version 7.0.0, Subrelease 3 23-11-10 (23/11/2010)

    Advanced Search

    Boolean fields can now be searched correctly.


    Categories now pasted from clipboard.

    Option to hide blank diaries added to day list print.


    Appointment, contact and task categories now shown in Today window for accounts in which categories are in use.


    SMS Credit Remaining now flashes when zero credits reached and user attempts to assign an SMS recipient.

  • Windows version 7.0.0, Subrelease 2 15-10-10 (10/10/2010)


    Fixed bug in local reminder cache that caused the "Attached to" column in the main reminders window to be blank when reminder was attached to a task or appointment.


    Tasks now correctly display category colours when categories are applied to existing tasks

    User Defined Fields

    Fixed bug that caused date only fields to change date on occasion.

  • Windows version 7.0.0, Subversion 1 18-08-10 (18/08/2010)

    Advanced Search

    Fixed bug which resulted in incorrect user defined fields being displayed under some circumstances

    Improved date entry for users of Windows XP and earlier.

  • Windows version 7.0.0, Main Release 30-07-10 (10/07/2010)


    Added categorisation system for appointments, tasks, and contacts.

    Added category admin system to allow for management of categories.

    Added user permission to control access to category admin.


    Added Advanced Search facility for appointments, tasks, and contacts allowing user to search for data based on complex criteria.

    Added ability to save Advanced Search queries for future use.


    Limit added to date range over which repeating appointments can be created to prevent accidental creation of exessively large numbers of appointments.

    Added per diary day start and day end hours.

    CTRL+D now inserts user name and current local timestamp into appointment description.


    Improved error messages for problems encountered when trying to send mails via SMTP.

    Showing and hiding images no longer possible when composing emails. Images are always shown.

    Fixed bug that would cause spam checker to fail when presented with particular compound words.

  • Windows version 6.0.0, Subrelease 04 08-04-10 (08/04/2010)


    Improved handling of timezones on Windows 7.

    Outlook Sync

    Fixed a bug that would cause Outlook Sync to terminate early for some users.

  • Windows version 6.0.0, Subrelease 03 17-03-10 (17/03/2010)


    Diary web publishing and embedding functionality added.

  • Windows version 6.0.0, Subrelease 02 03-02-10 (02/02/2010)


    Date format improved on Appointment List report.


    Minor bug fixes and improvements.

  • Windows version 6.0.0, Subrelease 01 01-12-09 (01/12/2009)

    Startup Times

    Local cache performance improved for larger accounts.

  • Windows version 6.0.0, Main Release, 03-11-09 (03/11/2009)

    Audit Trail

    Audit logging added for diary, contact, and task record changes. The audit trail is available to account administrators only via the Tools menu.


    Column View added to Diary.


    Add Appointment item added to main contact list context menu.

    Contacts attached to appointments can no longer be viewed by users who do not have permission to use the contacts module.


    POP3 and SMTP SSL connections now supported

    Send and Receive status can now be shown from the Receive menu in the main email window.

    Shared folder delete confirmation now highlights the "No" button by default.

    SMTP status messages improved.


    Retitled access permissions column in task list admin

    Removed access permissions column from main task list display.

    New Task main menu item now disabled when no task list is selected.


    Added more options to the "Show me again" drop list in the popup reminder dialog.


    Minimum sizes added for appointment, contact and task details windows.


    Opening a Task from the Today window no longer loses list sort order.

  • Windows version 5.0.0, Subrelease 42 09-10-09 (09/10/2009)

    Local Cache

    Significantly improved local cache performance for larger accounts.

  • Windows version 5.0.0, Subrelease 41 01-06-09 (01/06/2009)


    Diary day view column mode now does not display the diary choice dialog when adding appointments.


    Fixed bug that was preventing offline updates of contact activities from completing under certain circumstances.

    Email Export

    Improved handling of HTML emails with attachments but without text bodies.

  • Windows version 5.0.0, Subrelease 40 27-04-09 (27/04/2009)


    Diary search results can now be printed via the Search context menu.


    Editing a Task displayed as a result of searching all task lists no longer causes the Task to be removed from the search results.

    User Defined Fields

    Drop list fields can now be reset to blank.

  • Windows version 5.0.0, Subrelease 39 01-12-08 (01/12/2008)


    Fixed bug that prevented the display of appointments immediately after launch if the Diary window was maximised when MyOffice was last shut down.


    Fixed bug that prevented "Delete Completed Tasks" from accessing Task Lists that did not have explicit permissions set.

  • Windows version 5.0.0, Subrelease 38 12-11-08 (12/11/2008)


    "Create Appointment" option in the Contact Details dialog enabled for newly created contacts.

    Diaries \ Reminders

    Fixed bug that was causing the due dates and times for reminders added to existing appointments with timings relative to those appointments to be displayed incorrectly.


    Improved message displayed when a user's session is terminated by the user logging on from a different location.

  • Windows version 5.0.0, Subrelease 37 16-10-08 (16/10/2008)


    Diary day view no longer shows diary names appended to appointment descriptions when in day view column mode.

  • Windows version 5.0.0, Subrelease 36 02-10-08 (02/10/2008)


    Diary day view can now be shown with diary in a separate column. The option to change between this view and the previous view style can be found on the Diary page of the Option dialog.

  • Windows version 5.0.0, Subrelease 35 22-09-08 (22/09/2008)


    Tasks list contents can now be printed via the context menu.

    Option to removed task descriptions from task prints added.


    Send and receive no longer possible when there are no active email accounts.


    Account expiry status dialog can now be closed via the control box, shutting down MyOffice at that point.

  • Windows version 5.0.0, Subrelease 34 12-09-08 (12/09/2008)


    Appointments can now be imported from CSV format files.


    Contacts can now be imported from CSV format files.


    Fields for export can now be moved between the available and exported lists using drag and drop.

  • Windows version 5.0.0, Subrelease 33 05-09-08 (05/09/2008)


    Drag and Drop of appointments can now be disabled via the Tools -> Options menu item.


    Tasks can now be imported from CSV format files.

  • Windows version 5.0.0, Subrelease 32 27-08-08 (27/08/2008)


    Fixed bug which prevented contact details from opening for some users of version 31.

  • Windows version 5.0.0, Subrelease 31 15-08-08 (15/08/2008)


    Improved handling of refreshing the client copy of contacts with large (2,000+) numbers of activities.


    Improved Export to CSV functionality to give full control over exported fields and format of file.


    Fixed bug that would allow a Task become locked by the same user twice, thereby preventing further editing of the Task until the current session was ended.

  • Windows version 5.0.0, Subrelease 30 13-08-08 (13/08/2008)


    Improved Contact Export to CSV functionality, allowing full choice of fields and additional formatting options. CSV export now available from the Tools menu, and the context menus for both the Contact Group list and the main Contact list.

  • Windows version 5.0.0, Subrelease 29 11-08-08 (11/08/2008)


    Contact Details dialog print button now displays full contact print options.


    Added CSV export functionality to Tasks, available via the Task List context menu, and via the Tools menu in the Tasks window.

  • Windows version 5.0.0, Subrelease 28 31-07-08 (31/07/2008)


    Changed MyOffice shutdown process to ensure MOClient.exe terminates execution properly under all circumstances.


    Email folders control horizontal splitter now remembers sizing.

  • Windows version 5.0.0, Subrelease 27 02-07-08 (02/07/2008)


    Fixed Vista-only problem which meant Vista users with Aero enabled "lost" the contents of multi-line text boxes with one or more scrollbars placed in certain controls when the mouse exited or entered the text box. Data was not lost, only visibility of text.

  • Windows version 5.0.0, Subrelease 26 19-06-08 (19/06/2008)

    User Admin

    Altered field sizes in user permissions tab to ensure better fit with larger fonts.


    Changed contact group details dialog title structure.


    Changed diary details dialog title structure.


    Changed shared email folder details dialog title structure.


    Changed task list details dialog title structure.


    Tasks can now be added via the Tasks panel context menu in the Today window.

  • Windows version 5.0.0, Subrelease 25 03-06-08 (03/06/2008)


    Wording change to attachment options control.


    Fixed bug that caused date displayed in "Show in Today" column of the contact activity list to be incorrect.

  • Windows version 5.0.0, Subrelease 24 27-05-08 (27/05/2008)


    Further improvements to the handling of email attachment export.

  • Windows version 5.0.0, Subrelease 23 24-05-08 (24/05/2008)


    Fixed bug which caused appointments entered in diaries with set timezones which were not the same as the machine timezone to appear at the wrong date when entered across the daylight savings time boundary of certain timezones.


    Email Export now correctly dates exported emails and includes all attachment data.


    Options relating to completed tasks disabled when in planner views.


    Startup sequence altered to reduce likelihood of two instances of MyOffice attempting to check the validity of the local cache on slower machines, or machines where the cache is held in a 'slow' location (such as on a networked drive, or USB storage device).

  • Windows version 5.0.0, Subrelease 22 16-05-08 (16/05/2008)


    Fixed bug which was preventing activities being added to contacts via the 'Add Activity' item on the contact context menu under certain circumstances.

    'Print Email' option added to contact activities context menu.

    Emailing more than one contact selected in the main contact list now adds the signature to the email correctly.


    Deleting a shared folder no longer leaves the contents of the folder in the list.


    Appointment reminders with relative timing now change their times correctly when the appointment to which they are attached has it's start time changed by dragging the appointment.

    Fixed bug which caused appointments to be displayed as if in the system time zone on Vista machines when the diary in question has a timezone set to certain time zones (not including the system time zone).


    Removed 'Always on top' option.

  • Windows version 5.0.0, Subrelease 21 25-04-08 (25/04/2008)


    Pasting an appointment into multiple diaries now offers a choice of target diary, in the same way that adding an appointment does.

    Target diary dialog now has 'Select All' and 'Clear All' options.

  • Windows version 5.0.0, Subrelease 20 10-04-08 (10/04/2008)

    File Store

    'Add Folder' menu items now correctly enabled \ disabled according to context.

  • Windows version 5.0.0, Subrelease 19 01-04-08 (01/04/2008)


    Now displays 'Spell Check Complete' message when a spell check completes that does not result in the sending of an email.

    'Add Sender to Contacts' now offers a choice of contact group.


    Diary entry duration and default diary entry duration combo boxes extended to include all 'hours' up to 24 hours.

  • Windows version 5.0.0, Subrelease 18 06-03-08 (06/03/2008)


    Drag and drop of appointments added to day view.

    Drag and drop of appointments added to week view.

    Drag and drop of appointments added to month view.


    Fixed bug in receive abort functionality which occasionally forced the main application thread to abort.

    Fixed bug in specific account send\receive menu.

    Offline Cache

    Write performance for bulk operations, such as those encountered when recreating the cache from scratch on a large account, or downloading an email message box which has not been viewed for a long time, has been improved considerably.

  • Windows version 5.0.0, Subrelease 17 11-02-08 (11/02/2008)


    Additional contact data included in 'Appointment List' print.

  • Windows version 5.0.0, Subrelease 16 05-02-08 (05/02/2008)


    Reply To Email address will now remember an empty string as it's most recently used address.

  • Windows version 5.0.0, Subrelease 15 04-02-08 (04/02/2008)

    User Defined Fields

    Combo items edit button now enabled when editing a field, and client restarts are forced correctly as a result.

    Number fields displayed correctly when added as columns to main tasks display.

    Currency fields displayed and sorted when added as columns.

  • Windows version 5.0.0, Subrelease 14 17-01-08 (17/01/2008)


    Main view visible field combo box now considerably harder to accidentally change by moving the mouse wheel.

    User Defined Fields

    Combo items edit button now correctly disabled for existing fields.

    Schema caching improved to eliminate the possibility of a mismatch between the cache and the current field definitions on the first run of MyOffice after a field has been deleted.


    Sort order for appointments list page now correct from the first showing of the page.

  • Windows version 5.0.0, Subrelease 13 09-01-08 (09/01/2008)


    Actvity tab columns sizes changed to improve readability.


    Planner Print amended to optionally print headings and task names on each page.

    Planner Print amended to allow restriction to a date range.

    Minor visual enhancements to planner display.

  • Windows version 5.0.0, Subrelease 12 03-01-08 (03/01/2008)


    Send email button disabled when adding Contacts to groups with logging enabled.

    Fixed bug which resulted in recipients of refresh data as the result of a move to temporarily lose visibility of contacts.


    Year added to main display range date.


    Spam filter improved to reflect recent developments in spam email content.

  • Windows version 5.0.0, Subrelease 10 27-11-07 (27/11/2007)

    SMS Admin

    Added total field to SMS Admin dialog.


    Amended trimming of appointment descriptions when deleting appointments so as to prevent confirmation dialog growing to an incorrect size when appointment description contains a substantial number of carriage returns.

  • Windows version 5.0.0, Subrelease 9 16-11-07 (16/11/2007)

    Today Window

    Fixed a bug in diary entry of Today window which resulted in diary entries appearing from diaries other than those requested.

  • Windows version 5.0.0, Subrelease 8 05-11-07 (05/11/2007)

    Outlook Import

    Fixed a bug in Outlook Import which caused the appointment import process to fail when importing from certain versions of Outlook.

  • Windows version 5.0.0, Subrelease 7 02-11-07 (02/11/2007)


    Fixed a bug in diary entry refresh that prevented refresh events from reaching the target machines under certain circumstances.

  • Windows version 5.0.0, Subrelease 6 19-10-07 (19/10/2007)

    File Store

    Fixed bug that prevented uploading of files to certain folders.


    Updated validation for Tasks to prevent creation of Tasks with start dates after their due dates.


    Altered Contact window opening functionality to prevent accidental "double opening" of contact windows on slower machines.

  • Windows version 5.0.0, Subrelease 5 18-10-07 (18/10/2007)


    Tabs displaying user defined fields now correctly disable field input when the owning object is locked.

    Auto-logon settings now saved in the correct location.

  • Windows version 5.0.0, Subrelease 4 17-10-07 (17/10/2007)


    Tabs displaying user defined fields now have a vertical scrollbar where required.

    Fixed a bug in the tasks window creation which on a small number of XP machines caused the client to hang whilst "Downloading User Data" on startup.

  • Windows version 5.0.0, Subrelease 3 15-10-07 (15/10/2007)


    Added a log file to assist in diagnosis of problems experienced during startup. Log files are written to \\Startup Logs.

  • Windows version 5.0.0, Subrelease 2 10-10-07 (10/10/2007)


    Fixed bug in contacts that caused intermitant failure in refresh when a contact was added with an activity.


    Fixed bug that caused diary entry descriptions to be displayed incorrectly in the diary status bar when a carriage return was present in the first 60 characters of the description.

  • Windows version 5.0.0, Subrelease 1 09-10-07 (09/10/2007)


    Fixed bug in contacts that prevented user defined data from being correctly refreshed under certain circumstances.

  • Windows version 5.0.0, Original Release 29-09-07 (07/09/2007)


    A major component of 5.0.0 are significant improvements in the data transfer mechanisms and caching mechanism. These improvements will reduce the time taken to update certain items (most significantly Contacts), and reduce startup times for clients with intact local caches.


    Significantly upgraded the mechanism for transporting email data to and from the MyOffice server cluster.

    Improved display of images within HTML mails.

    Improved operation of email local cache to reduce initial startup times and further folder loading times.

    Time at which email arrived at POP3 server now shown for received emails, instead of the time at which it was received by the user.

    Draft email facility added.

    Added link to the download status of the currently displayed folder.

    Added out of office response facility for server managed email accounts.


    Significantly upgraded the mechanism for transporting contact and activity data to and from the MyOffice server cluster.

    Fixed bug in contact email logging relating to an occasional failure to find a contact to log an email against when such a contact exists.

    Significantly increased speed of local cache operation to reduce startup times for clients with intact local caches.


    Significantly upgraded the mechanism for transporting contact and activity data to and from the MyOffice server cluster.

    Significantly increased speed of local cache operation to reduce startup times for clients with intact local caches.

    Fixed bug in day and week display that would result in the incorrect column widths for appointments when an appointment out of the visible range was display.

    Added facility to send email to recipient of users choice when an appointment is added, deleted or updated.

    Appointment and appointment list print altered to improve clarity.


    Tasks fully incorporated into the local cache.

    Several issues relating to the movement of tasks between lists resolved.

    File Store

    File store appearance altered to combine shared folders and private folders.


    Appointment times added to reminders attached to appointments. Times will appear in the diarys' time zone if one is assigned, or the last system timezone recorded from the creating users' PC if not.

  • Windows version 4.1.0, Subrelease 36-040707 (04/07/2007)


    Fixed bug that prevented appointments being added to some diaries when working offline.

  • Windows version 4.1.0, Subrelease 35-020507 (02/05/2007)


    Fixed bug that prevented user defined data from being copied to the clipboard when copying an appointment that had been created during the same session.

  • Windows version 4.1.0, Subrelease 34-030407 (03/04/2007)


    Fixed display bug that caused certain types of HTML email to not display correctly on the second and subsequent runs of MyOffice after the email was received or sent.

  • Windows version 4.1.0, Subrelease 33-150307 (15/03/2007)


    Fixed bug that caused user-defined data to not be copied to the clipboard under certain circumstances.


    Fixed bug in reminder caching that resulted in reminders not being properly displayed at the client under certain circumstances.

  • Windows version 4.1.0, Subrelease 32-120307 (12/03/2007)


    Improved operation of local data cache for users with MyDocuments folders held in a remote location.

    User Defined Fields

    Altered confirmation of update message to make it clear that all users on the account will be restarted if the field definitions are changed.

  • Windows version 4.1.0, Subrelease 31-310107 (31/01/2007)


    Fixed handling of logon sequence where user has changed their password and is using automatic logon.

    Added user confirmation when exiting MyOffice when a user is editting an appointment, contact, reminder, or task.

    File Store

    Corrected availability of context menu items for the "Shared Folders" tree node.


    Added user confirmation on contact close when closing contact details dialogs using the control box.


    Fixed bug which caused start and end dates of the repeat range of repeating appointments to appear reversed on certain installations of MyOffice.

    Added user confirmation of appointment close when closing appointment details dialogs using the control box.


    Added user confirmation of task close when closing task details dialogs using the control box.


    Added user confirmation of reminder close when closing reminder details dialogs using the control box.

  • Windows version 4.1.0, Subrelease 30-290107 (29/01/2007)


    Added 'Release Notes' feature to 'Help' menu in all main windows. Release Notes shows all changes made for each version. Release Notes are also available as HTML documents in the 'Release Notes' folder in the MyOffice.NET installation directory.

    Improved handling of failures to create the offline cache.


    Added 'Save As' option to the Attachment List context menu. Allows individual attachments to be saved with a filename specified by the user.

    Print button added to Email Details window toolbar, and Print item added to email body context menu.

  • Windows version 4.1.0 2005-11-6 (06/11/2005)


    Reminders - full re-write (email, pop-up, SMS)

    Emails - Export

  • Windows version 4.0.0 2004-12-05 (05/12/2004)


    Emails - Spam filter

    Today Window - new module to display follow-up actions that have been set for contacts and tasks.

    Contact Activity tracking - log past and future activities - emails automatically logged as contact activities.

    New icons, new look and feel.

  • Windows version 3.12.0 2004-09-04 (04/09/2004)


    Email - Spell Checker

    Email - Deleted Items folder

  • Windows version 3.11.0 2004-07-24 (24/07/2004)


    Email - send and receive HTML mails

    Email - HTML signatures

    Notes - ability to sequence notes

    Contacts - specify default contact group to display when contacts module opened

    File Store - drag attachments from emails to the File Store

  • Windows version 3.10.0 2004-05-01 (01/05/2004)


    Email - Inbox rules

    Email - Shared folders

    Diaries - Daily Organiser print

  • Windows version 3.9.0 2004-02-21 (21/02/2004)


    Admin - major enhancements to admin capabilities

    Tasks - search capability

    Tasks - configure sequence of columns displayed

    Contacts - contact groups

    Contacts List - configure sequence of columns displayed

    Diaries - default colours for diaries

  • Windows version 3.8.0 2003-12-13 (23/12/2003)


    Email (Web browser version)

    All Day appointments

    Printing HTML emails

    Export appointments in HTML format

    Bug fix - Time Zones

  • Windows version 3.6.0 2003-11-01 (01/11/2003)


    Diaries - print calendar (monthly view)

    Appointments - export 'user defined fields' to .CSV file

    Reports - option to print without MyOffice logo

  • Windows version 3.5.0 2003-10-08 (08/10/2003)


    Offline - compose emails while offline

    Diaries - customisable font sizes in daily and weekly views

    Contacts - export to Word 'mailmerge' file

  • Windows version 3.4.1 2003-09-04 (04/09/2003)


    Bug fix - Admin failing when new diary added

    Bug fix - Custom appointment colours not being retained

    Tasks and File Store - Right-click 'Sharing' menu option introduced

  • Windows version 3.4.0 2003-08-23 (23/08/2003)


    Default Appointment Duration - specify a default duration e.g. 15 mins

    Additional appointment duration selections - 5, 20, 90 mins

    Link Contacts to Appointments - Tab in appointment to select associated with the appointment.

  • Windows version 3.3.0 2003-07-19 (19/07/2003)


    User Defined Fields - add your own fields to appointments, contacts and tasks

  • Windows version 3.2.0 2003-06-23 (23/06/2003)


    Diaries - Monthly View

    Diaries - List view

    Diaries - Improved Search

    Emails - Fix for customers whose emails have not been stored sequentially by their email providers

  • Windows version 3.1.0 2003-05-28 (28/05/2003)


    Notes window - use for 'to do lists', checklists, etc.

  • Windows version 3.0.0 2003-05-15 (15/05/2003)


    Offline capability

    Contacts - Alphabetical buttons in list

    Diaries - display Sat or Sun or both

    Tasks - copy / past whole Task Lists

  • Windows version 2.8.0 2003-03-27 (27/03/2003)


    Subscribe - bug fix - erroneous message

    Outlook sync - bug fix - possibility of duplicate appointments

    Admin - bug fix - drag & drop diaries between groups

  • Windows version 2.7.0 2003-03-22 (22/03/2003)


    Email - Distribution Lists

    Sync bug - not handling special characters

    Printing - appointments printed in colour

    File Store - file sizes displayed

    Tasks - create task from email

    Contacts - multiple select contacts to share / unshare

  • Windows version 2.6.0 2003-02-24 (24/02/2003)


    Email - Folders

    Diary - Location tab in appointment

    Diaries - Go to today button

    Tasks - % complete

    Print Preview on Diaries, Contacts, Email and Tasks

    Contact Activity

  • Windows version 2.5.0 2003-02-08 (08/02/2003)


    Contacts Synchronisation - bug fix

    Email - minor enhancements

    File Store = minor enhancements

    Diaries - repeating appointments bug fix

  • Windows version 2.4.0 2003-01-25 (25/01/2003)


    Synchronisation with Outlook

    Printing - bug fixes and several more reports

    Search facility on appointments

    Default colours for appointments

  • Windows version 2.3.0 2002-12-19 (19/12/2002)


    Repeating appointments

  • Windows version 2.2.1 2002-12-12 (12/12/2002)


    User defined Colours for appointments

    User configurable time format - AM/PM or 24hr clock

    'Private' appointments

    Export appointments and contacts to .csv files

  • Windows version 2.2.0 2002-11-11 (11/11/2002)


    Shared File Store

  • Windows version 2.1.5 2002-10-08 (08/10/2002)


    Reminders on Appointments

    Pop-up Reminders

    Re-usable Reminders

    Options for handling large email attachments

  • Windows version 2.1.4 2002-09-19 (19/09/2002)


    HTML Email - now displays HTML mail

    Diary Status Bar - mouse rollover displays appointment details in status bar

    Diary Printing - Appointments List

  • Windows version 2.1.3 2002-09-12 (12/09/2002)


    Auto Refresh - windows automatically refresh with data entered by other users

    Email - minor enhancements and bug fixes

    Display emails for a contact directly from the Contact module

  • Windows version 2.1.2 2002-09-05 (05/09/2002)


    Tasks - create task lists and share them with other users in your account

    Diary printing

    Email search - search emails on any field

  • Windows version 2.1.1 2002-08-26 (26/08/2002)


    Launch Window - specify which module you want opening when MyOffice starts

    Refresh - menu option to refresh windows you've had open for a long time

    Import Email Account Settings from Outlook Express - makes it easier to setup email accounts