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Online Calendar Sharing App

Designed for small and medium businesses
Online Calendar app for Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android and Web

Online Calendar Sharing App

  • Share multiple calendars between your staff - no limit on the number of calendars per account
  • Access your calendars anywhere with any device - Windows PC, Mac, Android, iPhone or Web
  • Customise your events to capture the data your business needs
  • Full audit trail of all changes made to calendars and events
  • Standardise the format of your events with event templates
  • Automatically remind customers and staff members via email and SMS with reminder templates
  • No adverts - private and confidential
  • Designed to work in areas of low or no internet connectivity
  • No installation charges - install and use MyOffice on as many devices as you want
  • No per-calendar charges - create and use as many calendars as you like
  • Access MyOffice contacts, tasks, email, notes and file store from the same app
Share Multiple Calendars

Designed to make sharing large numbers of calendars easy

View multiple calendars simultaneously

Group calendars together for easy navigation of large numbers of calendars

Access Calendars Anywhere

App available for Windows PC, Mac, Android, iPhone and Web

Work without an internet connection when needed

Full support for calendars spanning multiple time zones

Customise your Events

Add your own data fields to events

Configure your calendar display to suit your business's needs

Multiple calendar formats allow you to display your calendars in the most appropriate manner

Event Templates

Standardise your events with templates

Pre-populate event fields to reduce data entry time

Rapidly create fixed time slot events in your calendars

Reminder Templates

Automatically create reminders for events in your calendars

Customise the format of your reminders

Send reminders via email or SMS

Audit Trail

Never lose calendar and event information again

All changes to calendars and groups automatically recorded

All changes to events automatically recorded

Confidential, no adverts

No adverts - work with your data without interruption

Your data is your data - no profiling of users, no stats collection, no IP issues

Simple pricing

No charge for calendars - create and share as many calendars as your business needs

No charge for app installations - use MyOffice on as many devices as you want

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