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MyOffice is a subscription based 'cloud' service that combines calendars, contacts, email, tasks, file store, reminders and notes into a set of online tools to help your team work together more effectively.

All your data lives in one place, on our servers, and you access it over the internet using a variety of devices. e.g. PC, Mac, tablet, mobile.

Using MyOffice you can log on and work from anywhere.

Shared Online Calendar System for Business

What makes MyOffice one of the best shared online calendar systems for your business is the ability to add your own custom fields to events and to create different event templates ... enabling you to configure the service to your own requirements - plus configurable reminders, an offline capability, a full audit trail and event / contact / document linking - and a lot more.
The app works in the cloud with multi-user access from PC, Mac, iPhone, Android Tablet and Web.
Online Calendar App on Windows 10

What's Included

Includes the use of ALL the versions, features and services in MyOffice

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There are no limits to the number of emails, contacts, events, tasks, and notes that you may hold.

Online Shared Calendar System - Secure and designed for business

Online Business Calendars are not in short supply. But how many of them are configurable with your own custom fields, event templates and multiple text and email reminders - plus a full audit trail and the ability to link documents, contacts and tasks to events - and a lot more besides.

These added-value benefits are what make the MyOffice calendar app such a popular choice, especially for businesses with several offices, remote workers and those who travel a lot.

The app works in the cloud with online, offline and mobile, multi-user access.

In addition to our online calendar system the app also includes contacts, email, tasks, notes and a file store that combine into an integrated set of tools - all designed to help your team work together more easily.

Android Calendar App month view
Android Calendar App list view

Configure your own custom calendar fields

One of the most widely used features in MyOffice business calendar software is the ability to customise the app to your particular requirements by configuring your own 'custom' fields. For example, fields can be added to the Event window to collect specific details that you want to record about the event, such as price, site details or work to be done.

You can set up text fields, checkboxes, drop down lists, date fields and headings ... and you can control where they appear in that event window.

Having collected your data, you can search on it, analyse it and use it when sending text and email reminders.

Our example shows some 'catering' fields that have been added to the event window.

Share Calendars with other users in your team

Sharing large numbers of cloud calendars, viewing and updating them in real time - this is where MyOffice excels. You can have as many event calendars as you like and share them with other users in your group, controlling the user access permissions.

The app has been designed for businesses and is capable of handling large amounts of data efficiently ... so you never need to worry about performance. Have as many web calendars as you like for as long as you like.

Each user can configure their own personal view of calendars, for example am/pm or 24 hr clock, time divisions, and font size.

Calendar Event Templates

Not all events are the same. You'll probably have different types of bookings in your event calendars, with different colours, text, durations, custom fields and reminders.

The 'Event Templates' feature enables you to set up templates for these different events. Then, when you create an event using a template it takes on all the pre-defined characteristics of that template.

Each template can have multiple reminders, sent by email or text ... and you can configure a unique reminder text for each of the reminders. The text is composed using a mixture of words and system fields (eg First Name), enabling you to personalise each reminder.

Work Online or Offline with our calendar planner app

We understand how crucial it is for businesses to carry on working when there's a problem with the internet ... and that's why we developed an 'Offline' capability with our shared calendar app.

When using the MyOffice installed online calendar app (Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android) you can work in 'Offline' mode when there's no internet connection.

Any work you do in 'Offline' mode is stored on your device and automatically updated to the MyOffice Cloud the next time you connect to your journal online.

Full Audit Trail for Calendars and Events

Another good reason why we feel our shared online calendar is one of the best on the market is every time any user adds, changes or deletes an event the transaction is automatically logged in the audit trail. Subsequently, users with 'audit trail' capability can look at the audit trail and see a complete list of transactions.

The transaction shows the before and after status of all fields, so if you've inadvertantly deleted an event you can re-construct it, or if an event has suddenly disappeared you can find out who deleted it.

Work Securely

The security of your data is of the utmost importance to us. MyOffice web calendars are secure by design, with data encrypted during online transmission and servers protected by monitored firewalls … all designed to ensure that the privacy and integrity of your data is never compromised.

Private and Confidential

Worried about using an online calendar system? You don’t need to be, it's your data and it can only be accessed by users in your account. It's impossible to unintentionally share your data with the public.

We don't profile your account, send you adverts or pass your information to third parties.

On iPhone and Android your data can't be accessed by any other App.

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