How to sync diaries with the Android and iPhone apps

The MyOffice Android and iPhone apps are designed to handle large numbers of regularly updated diaries. In order to reduce both the amount of data that's transferred between our servers and your phones and the power that the app consumes, and also to reduce potential clutter in the list of diaries on larger accounts, it is necessary for users to select which diaries they want to sync with their phones.

First, open the diaries list by selecting the "Diaries" option from the main menu. This will display and diaries you currently have sync'd. In the example below, no diaries are currently sync'd with the phone.

With the diary list open, tap the "Select Diaries to Sync" option in the diaries list to open the diary sync list. If you've already got a few diaries sync'd then you may need to scroll the list down to find this item as it's always displayed at the bottom of the list of diaries that are set to sync with your phone.

In the screenshot above, we can see a list of diaries that could be sync'd with the phone. Currently none of them are sync'd with the diary, as indicated by the greyed out text and the words "Not included in sync" under the diary name. Tap a diary in this list to bring up sync settings for the diary.

Above we can see the sync settings for the Debbie Masters diary. In order to include a diary in sync, open it's diary sync settings and click the "Include diary in sync" checkbox. After doing this, the "Months into past" and "Months into future" fields will activate. These allow you to choose how much past history to sync, and how far into the future to look. Once you've decided how far forward and back you want to look, click the "Save" button.

After saving the diary sync settings, the diary sync list will be updated to show your new settings. Going back from this activity (either by pressing the arrow in the top left of the screen, or the phone's hardware back button) will prompt you to sync with your new sync settings.