How to use the Today window Appointments panel

The appointments panel is located at the top of the Today window. By default, it displays appointments in your default diary which are set to occur today. The list in the Appointments panel shows the start time of the appointment, the diary in which the Appointment is located, and the start of the Appointment's description. Appointments cannot be added to Diaries directly from the Today window, only from the Diary window.

Today Window

Changing which Diaries are displayed

It's entirely possible that you'd like to display appointments from more than one diary in your Today window. To change the diaries on show, you will need to open the 'Today' window, then open the 'Tools' menu and click 'Select Diaries on display'. This will display the 'Diaries in Today list' dialog.

Create and Share Diaries using Diary Admin

To change the diaries you wish to display, simply locate the diaries required in the Diary tree, and click the checkbox next to the diary name. A check in this checkbox, as can be seen above for the 'Paul Roberts' and 'Delivery 1' diaries, means appointments in the diary will be displayed in the Appointments panel of your Today window. If no checkboxes are checked, then appointments from your default diary (in this case, 'Paul Roberts') will be displayed. When you're happy with the diaries you've selected, click the 'OK' button.