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Add your own Custom fields

Each business is different and you'll want to configure MyOffice to include your own data fields, to store information that's relevant to your particular requirements. You do this by configuring your own custom fields in the Contact window.

You configure the Contact window by adding your own tabs and fields. You can have as many tabs and fields as you like and you can specify your own tab and field names. All the usual field formats are supported. e.g. date & time, multi-line text, checkboxes, numeric, drop down boxes.

You can also configure fileds in the Main tab of the contact window, so that your custom fields are displayed right next to the primary contact data (contact name, address, etc). As if that wasn't enough, you can even have different custom fields displayed for different Contact Groups. So, for example, you could have different custom fields for Suppliers and Clients.

Contact customisation in MyOffice

Viewing Contacts

You can of course, just open a contact to look at contact information, but there's another way in MyOffice.

You can view the contacts in a List and you can configure the columns that you see in the list, including any custom fields that you've configured. The list can be re-ordered by clicking a column header. This sorts data into ascending or descending sequence, grouping like items together.

The 'Search' feature is particularly powerful in that it automatically searches ALL the contact fields for matching data. Once you've refined your list using the 'search' feature you can print the list, email everyone in the list or export it as a spreadsheet. A more powerful Advanced Search allows you to build up re-usable Search Queries, searching on several fields at the same time. e.g. All contacts in a Region that require a follow-up.