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Logging Contact Activities

The Contact Activity feature in MyOffice allows you to store, in a single location, all the actions, activities and email correspondence between your staff and customers ... enabling your team to work more productively ... and thereby improving the customer experience.

Log Actions - phone calls, meetings, decisions, follow-ups

You can log actions that you have taken or plan to take .... and you can schedule follow-ups, reminders and actions at future dates.

Follow-ups can be displayed in the main contact list or in a user's Today window, when the follow-up becomes due.

Log emails against contacts - automatically

When you use MyOffice to send and receive emails you can configure the system to automatically log emails against contacts. Then, any email sent or received by you and other members of your team will be listed in the Contact window ... providing a chronological email history of all emails sent or received with a contact. This is the perfect way to look up the email history for a contact to find out what's been happening.

You can view the emails by clicking on them in the Contact Activity list.

Contact activities in MyOffice