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Cloud Contact Management for small and medium sized businesses
Manage your contacts online ... from anywhere ... using a PC, Mac, Tablet, iPhone, iPad or Android phone

Contacts and CRM

Cloud Contact Management for small and medium sized businesses

Practical Contact Management Software for small businesses

MyOffice is a cloud contact management system that's been designed around the unique needs of the smaller business. There are no elaborate functions to get in the way and it's all intuitive - so there's no big learning curve

Managing your customers is vital to the success of your business and MyOffice has many CRM features to help you ... and because your business is unique, MyOffice lets you tailor these features so they're relevant to your business.

Your own data fields, personalised configurations - all developed by experts with a true understanding of the needs of the smaller business.

Customise to your requirements

Add your own data fields

Because every business is different, MyOffice lets you add your own data fields and build them into windows - enabling you to store information relevant to your own particular needs.

Categorise your contacts

Create categories, apply them to contacts and use them to analyse your contact data.

Configure Views

Choose the fields you want to see and the sequence in which they are displayed.

Build Search Queries

Use the advanced search to build queries you can use again and again.

CRM functionality you'll use every day

Keep track of what's happening

At the heart of contact management is the 'Contact Activity Log' recording all actions, activities and emails between your staff and customers.

Log Actions, phone calls, meetings, decisions, follow-ups

You can log actions that you have taken or plan to take, you can schedule follow-ups, reminders, actions, and tasks at future dates.

Logs emails automatically

All emails from and to a contact in your account are logged in the contact's Activity Log.

Link contacts

Link Contacts to Events, other Contacts, Tasks, Notes and Files.

Developed for Business Users

Work Online or Offline

In the event of an internet failure you can still carry on working. MyOffice has an 'Offline' capability that allows you to work without being connected to the internet. Any work you do is updated to our ‘cloud’ servers the next time you connect 'Online'.

Work Securely

The security of your data is of the utmost importance to us. MyOffice is secure by design, with data encrypted during transmission and servers protected by monitored firewalls … all designed to ensure that the privacy and integrity of your data is never compromised.

Full Audit Trail

Every time any user adds, changes or deletes a contact, the transaction is automatically logged in the audit trail. The trail shows the before and after status of all fields together with the user names and the transaction dates & times.

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